NoVA Machining LLC is a family owned  machine shop located in Bristol,
Connecticut.  As an owner I have over 15 years of manufacturing experience
including: turning , milling ,EDM, grinding, CAD/CAM design , programming and
prototyping. We also offer over 17 years of experience in grinding.  Focusing on
quality and competitive pricing  
NoVA will work diligently to make sure that you
come back again and again for all your business.

Our Quality System is compliant with the requirements of

We specialize in manufacturing components for short and medium production runs.

Our shop has the following capabilities :
- CNC Turning of parts up to 15 in. diameter
- CNC Milling of parts up to 30 x 20 in.
- Wire EDM
- Surface grinding

NoVA we work with all kind of materials: plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless
steel, titanium and superalloys ( Haynes, Stellite, Inconel, Monel, Incoloy )

We can assure you , we will not bid on work we can’t do on time or we don’t have
capacity for.
All parts machined in NoVA are 100% conforming to your specifications and
shipped exactly when you want it. We really understand what is most important to
our customers : price , quality , attention to details an delivery.